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Feedback: Peggy P.  of Journeys Ministry Director

Nikole and Tony,

It was so great having you join us last Tuesday!! Thank you for sharing your story with our Forever Family.  I only wish we could have had more time to visit.  Praying for God to bless you with more workers to help you in your ministry and to continue to use you to bring hope to the hopeless, lead more to repentance and His saving power.  You have a gift of speaking and so many came up to me and thanked me for getting you to come to Hosanna.  I told them that you reached out to us! Thank you!   God bless you!! 


Sister in Christ,



Here is what people everywhere are saying on Amazon about
50 Shades of Truth!!!

5 STARS      -  Real life help for overcoming sexual sin     -   Amazon Customer

I loved this book!!! The transparency of Nikole's testimony is amazing.  She speaks with such love and tenderness to those struggling in sexual sin.  This book is a keeper, I will go back to it just for encouragement and direction.

                      5 STARS

"Great and encouraging read!"    - C&S G

This is a wonderful book for both women and men. It's simple and to the point, yet rooted deep in God's word. I love her transparency and humility in writing about her life struggles, and how God delivered her from a life deep in sin. So many women deal with the sexual issues she speaks about, yet don't feel at liberty to admit it much less confide in anyone for help. She's open and real in her efforts to minister through this book. It's a powerful reflection of God's unfailing love and pursuit of our soul. She represents God's grace and mercy. If you've struggled with sexual sin, drugs, a broken marriage or family, this book is for you. If you've dealt with none of that, this book is still for you. It's simply a beautiful picture of God's steadfast love and determination to free his most valuable creation from the bondage of sin. Read it! You'll be blessed!


"A real life testimony in TRUTH"
  Jerry H.

Nicole shares a raw & real life testimony of dysfunction, drugs, destruction of her life & other peoples lives that led to loss destruction of marriage, family & hope. Then guides us through how a changed life begins to influence other lives with love & power & restoration. She exposes some interesting lies that parents & society are allowing every day to lead their children & families astray into destructive patterns & broken lives. But then shares a powerful story of how God repairs, rebuilds, restores & gives up on us. God captured her ex-husbands heart & eventually captured her heart & through GRACE restored their marriage & family & is using what the enemy meant for harm & is turning it all for good. It's a story that many can relate to & REALIZE THEY CAN HAVE A NEW DAY, A NEW BEGINNING & fresh start inline filled with hope.


- Tiffany

A true testimony of how God can restore! I loved this this book . It’s a must read for women of all ages.


"Read this book!"

- Lindsay T.

Authentic, true, eye opening, and relatable. These are the words that come to mind when I think of this book. The first time I read it, I was reminded of how powerful our God is! It also reminded me of how powerful the things I let into my mind and heart are, but how much more powerful God is over them! READ THIS BOOK!!!! You will not regret it!


              "A Must Read"               
- Kayla C.

I love how Nicole brings her story to a level most everyone can relate to. Her transparency in the book is truly inspiring. She done such an amazing job painting a picture of what Jesus can do in a live full of chaos. A must read for believers and nonbelievers! What a story of HOPE!


"Nikole is a beautiful woman inside and out!"     
- Josh M.

I loved it! Very raw and transparent... real and inspirational! A true testimony!


"The truth will set us free!"   
- Barbara D.

Fifty Shades of Truth is one of the most truthful and revealing books I've read. We live in a real fallen world and need help finding our way sometimes. This Author bears her soul in the hope that her story will lead others to the Lord. That it might keep someone from making the same mistakes she made by revealing the dark path the devil has laid out for us. This book will help to guide women, men and teens. In this book lies the Truth and the bible tells us that if we abide in his word (truths) we shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32


                "Raw and real."              

- Kaia C.

50 Shades of Truth is a very raw and real account of God beautiful mercies. Very good read. I literally couldn't put it down. If you want something that shows what God can do in somebody's life, then read this book!


"Real Truth doesn't hurt...

it heals & sets us free."   
- Lanay B.

I love 50 shades of Truth transparency. Often people think Christians have it all together or possibly never struggled with a “real” past. Worst lie we sometimes think is “I’ve done to much for God to love me”-I LOVE 50 shades of Truth because truth is: God redeems! The ugly Truth will always be better than a pretty lie-God WILL turn out ashes into beauty. Thank you Nikki for sharing your Truth, the truth that God is for us-therefore who can be against us!?


"Wonderful story of coming out of the darkness into the light."      - Malia C. J.

I’m a little bias because I know the author. BUT! I think that can be a good thing if you’re wondering about the validity of this story and the life-changing God behind the story. Nikki has been transformed. I have seen it. And not just away from a life of scandal and addiction. But to a life of deep love, selfless service, true peace, & beautiful joy. God is so good.


"A True Winner of Hope"    
- S. Cheirs

50 shades of truth is a real, raw look at how we mindlessly destroy our lives and blame others, and how the road to “getting your life back” is possible. For anyone who needs hope that’s struggling with addiction, bad decisions, and/or a dysfunctional life this is a must read.


"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."   
- Sharon H.

I did not want to put the book down. Very easy read and amazing testimony from an amazing person who I know personally. I would recommend this book to anyone because it is the real truth of what God can do. That truth is that God will set us free when we lay our addiction, shame, guilt, fear, etc. at his feet!!!

Special letter from a reader... 


"Hey there! I went to poole and visited my grandparents yesterday. They go to a small general baptist church that honestly is pretty dead they have recently got a young pastor and he raises his hands during worship- which is something they wouldn’t dare do. (The pastor is actually our family). But it began to open my grandmothers heart up a bit. They don’t venture out a whole lot, but last night she was SO excited to tell me she was invited to an event at a church in madisonville. I can’t remember the name of the church. She doesn’t do Facebook or internet, heck she has an old flip cell phone that she barely knows how to use lol! So she isn’t connected to the world like most people these days. When we sat down to talk about it she said there was a lady at the event that was just so different then she had ever seen. She explained that the lady was very real and raw. And she was tearing up trying to tell me parts of the testimony the lady had given. She said she knew Jesus was the only one who could have saved this lady. It led to a long conversation about just how real God is and how much Jesus loves every single person no matter their story. It was a conversation like I’d never before had with my grandmother and it touched my heart so much. When we got done talking I asked if she knew the ladies name and she said “no I don’t know her name but she had pink hair and she wrote a book” I knew EXACTLY who she was talking about!!! I pulled you up on Facebook real quick and asked her if it was you and her eyes lit up! She said she looked for the book but couldn’t find it and she really wanted to read it. I would love to buy one of your books and surprise her with it. You have such a mighty impact on so many people! My grandmother is old, and like I said very rarely ventures out or leaves her home church, but I know God had an appointment for her to sit and listen to you. She went on and on about how everyone at the event raised their hands and worshiped God. I don’t know that she will ever raise her hands this side of heaven but I know that event changed her heart forever." 

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